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Twickenham Stadium 3D blockYour own unique full 3D laser engraving
FREE artwork, setup and production.
We can design and prepare 3D laser designs to your own specification in our associated modern production facilities overseas. We believe our prices are very competitive and total lead time for most orders is just 2 to 6 weeks.
You can request 3D designs of buildings, people, company logos, nature or any suitable depiction. We only require suitable photos or artwork - see details below.

3D Custom engravingDue to the costs of the complex design and setup of the laser equipment for each production run, commissioning is suited to a minimum quantity of 50 or more of the same design.
If you wish to obtain a single item with your photo/picture laser engraved on the surface please click here to visit our photograph engraving pages and order online

We scale prices according to urgency and quantity required - ranging from 50 units to 300, 500, 1,000 to 50,000 or more of any single design.
  • If you have the software to provide 3D artwork, we can accept most formats - or we simply require photos, drawings or similar illustrations and/or text required and our designers will prepare the 3D artwork.
  • For speed and most competitive prices, we normally provide the design in a block size 80mm x 50mm x 50mm but a very wide range of other shapes and sizes is available including blocks, spheres, cubes, pyramids and others.
  • Blocks can be designed to stand horizontally or vertically.
  • Delivery is normally from 2 to 8 weeks of your confirmed order with prices scaled according to urgency.
  • Our prices include all artwork, setup and production costs - the only extra is delivery from our UK store to your premises (usually under £15.00 total) for UK customers.
go to our
Custom 3D Enquiry page
for a firm quotation
The following prices are for guidance only - we can provide a firm price when we have details of your requirement and delivery time (from date of confirmed artwork).
For a firm price, please visit our Custom 3D Enquiry page.
The following example guide prices include artwork, setup, and all other costs. They are based on the same 3D laser engraving design on each to your specification and supplied complete in individual dark foam lined presentation boxes. Prices are scaled according to type of artwork supplied and urgency.
All prices are each net (for UK customers) excluding delivery to your premises.
Delivery Example guide price each
ex delivery
50 4-6 weeks £29.50
100 4-6 weeks £22.50
250 10-14 weeks £11.50
500 10-14 weeks £9.50
Delivery Example guide price each
ex delivery
200 2-3 weeks £5.50
500 3-5 weeks £3.80
1000 4-6 weeks £2.95
Delivery Example guide price each
ex delivery
50 4-6 weeks £42.00
100 4-6 weeks £27.50
250 10-14 weeks £16.50
3D Custom engraving 3D Custom engraving 3D Custom engraving

Just a few examples from the large number
of designs we have produced
Your Questions..
What artwork or illustrations are required?
Standard industry 3D artwork is ideal but you can simply supply 2D artwork or photo(s) - please contact us if you are unsure....

If the 3D appearance is obvious then just one photo is needed but ideally and certainly for more detailed work a front, side and back view would be required.

A drawing or depiction - again if the 3D appearance is obvious (eg for text) we only require one view.
Our 3D designers simply 'thicken' text for the 3D appearance.

What shapes can I choose from?
You can choose the crystal shape for the 3D engraving - sphere, cube, block, keyring, pyramid etc. Our standard size block 80x50x50mm is lower cost and quicker to produce, but other sizes and shapes can be made

Are there any extra charges for artwork, setup etc?
No. We normally quote a price which includes artwork, setup, production and item cost. The only extra is delivery from our store in the UK to your premises.

What is the delivery time?
Delivery to your premises is usually within 2 to 8 weeks of your order. Prices are scaled according to urgency.
go to our
Custom 3D Enquiry page
for a firm quotation